4 Tips To Score 100 percent in CBSE Board Exams

By | March 6, 2018

Scoring well and acing the CBSE board exam is the dream of every class 10 student. Having this competitive spirit to be the best is spreading in the younger generation as they see role models like Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, etc. who is aspiring to be the best in their own field. Although, as the months pass by, anxiety increases in the student’s mind preventing them from staying focused and controlling their fears, rather than their fears and weaknesses controlling them.  Hence, here are some important tips to follow in the initial stages that will help the students to score 100 percent in their board exams.

Planning Your Schedule:
Having a proper schedule and maintaining a disciple lifestyle is the first step towards being the best and achieving your goals. Noting down all the topics for the exam and analyzing them, to tackle those topics that are difficult and require more time for preparation. Prepare a timetable that gives you enough time for sufficient timed breaks so that it will help to keep your mind fresh and active. Research on topics that are important which need to be focused on as well as shortcut tips and strategies to crack important concepts.


Jot Down Notes:
During your initial preparation, make sure you jot down notes as these notes will be very useful when you cover these concepts for the second time. Noting down points each time you cover a topic will help you narrow down your important points to the main concept of the topic helping you to remember the roots (dealing with) holding the concept during your final time of revision.   


Solve Previous Year Question Papers:
Solving previous question papers will not only help you to get familiarized with the pattern of the exam but will also help in increasing your confidence towards the exam. Especially, you can also look at the weightage of marks allotted for those areas you find difficult and work upon it. Learning from your mistakes in the mock exams is vital as it will prevent you from making these mistakes in the actual exam. It is important to solve these question papers within the stipulated given time as it would increase your efficiency.

Conceptual Learning:
Many students mug up the theories without understanding the concepts during the time of exam to score well in their exam. In this way, such students would be unable to answer a question in the exam that appears in a different format. Hence, understanding the concept of the topic is essential as it will help you to tackle any question related to the concept. Nowadays, conceptual learning has become handy has these concepts are well explained with the help of videos, helping the student to visualize the actual application, mechanism, etc. to perform better in the examination.


Along with these tips mentioned, it is also important that the candidates have the right study material for the exam as choosing the right study material to crack the exam is very important. NCERT books for physics, chemistry or biology can be used to prepare for the CBSE Board exams as most of its solutions are prepared by the CBSE guidelines. The candidates can also subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube Channel for a better understanding of concepts through visual learning and can also learn more tricks and shortcut methods to crack the exam with ease.

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